Who we are

Who we are

For bespoke joinery manufacturers, precision and artistry are at the core of your craft. Each piece you create is a testament to your commitment to excellence. However, the final touch, the spray-painting finish, can often be a challenging aspect to perfect in-house. That's where Kaleidacoat steps in, offering bespoke joinery businesses a premier solution to elevate their work to new heights. In this blog, we'll explore why you should consider outsourcing your spray-painting work to Kaleidacoat and how it can enhance your craftsmanship.

A Passion for Precision

At Kaleidacoat, we understand the unique demands of bespoke joinery. Every piece you create is a labour of love, a testament to your skill and dedication. Our team shares your passion for precision and craftsmanship, and it's what drives us every day.

Our experts are well-versed in the nuances of spray painting, ensuring that every piece that leaves our facility is a work of art in itself. We treat each project as a masterpiece, giving it the attention to detail it deserves. With our passion for precision, we are committed to helping you achieve the flawless finish you envision for your joinery pieces.

Expertise That Speaks for Itself

Outsourcing to Kaleidacoat means tapping into a wealth of expertise. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to the art of precision spraying. We have honed our craft over years of experience, mastering the techniques, the equipment, and the selection of top-quality paints and coatings. With our expertise, you can trust that your joinery will receive the perfect finish it deserves.

Your clients expect the highest quality in your work, and consistency is the key to maintaining your reputation. We take quality control seriously, with standardized processes that ensure a dependable outcome for every piece you create. The result is a level of consistency that will leave your clients in awe, solidifying your position as a master craftsman.

Focus on Your Core Expertise

Outsourcing spray painting to Kaleidacoat gives you the freedom to concentrate on your core expertise: crafting stunning bespoke joinery. Spending time and energy on spray painting can be a distraction from what you do best. With us as your trusted partner, you can focus on honing your skills, designing new pieces, and delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

Our mission is to empower your business. By entrusting spray painting to us, you can dedicate your time and resources to growth and creativity. Whether you wish to explore new techniques, expand your product line, or take on more projects, our partnership enables you to do so without compromising on quality or timelines.

Cost Savings and Scalability

Outsourcing spray painting to Kaleidacoat brings significant cost savings and scalability. You won't have to invest in expensive painting equipment, train staff, or bear the operational costs associated with in-house painting. This frees up capital that you can reinvest into your core joinery business.

Moreover, outsourcing provides scalability. If you experience a surge in demand for your bespoke joinery, you won't be limited by the capacity of your in-house spray-painting setup. Kaleidacoat can adjust our resources to accommodate your growing needs, ensuring you can take on more projects without compromising quality or timelines.

Consistent, Quality Finishes

In the world of bespoke joinery, consistency is key. Your clients expect every piece you create to mirror the high standard they've come to associate with your brand. Achieving consistent results in-house can be a formidable task, as factors like operator skill, equipment maintenance, and paint quality can vary.

Outsourcing spray painting to Kaleidacoat guarantees that every piece receives a consistent, top-notch finish. Our dedication to quality control, standardized processes, and extensive experience translates to a dependable outcome for your joinery. Your clients will appreciate the uniformity and exceptional quality of the pieces you deliver, solidifying your reputation as a master craftsman.

Artistry and Innovation

At Kaleidacoat, we believe in the fusion of artistry and innovation. We bring a fresh perspective to your bespoke joinery, offering you a canvas of possibilities in the world of finishes. Our expertise allows us to experiment with various techniques, from traditional finishes to cutting-edge, contemporary styles.

Our collaborative approach enables you to explore new creative horizons. Whether it's achieving a timeless classic look or a modern, avant-garde finish, we can make your artistic vision a reality. The result is joinery pieces that not only stand out but also define the standards in your industry.

Unleash Your Potential

Outsourcing spray painting to Kaleidacoat is not just a business decision; it's a creative partnership. Our commitment to your vision, combined with our technical expertise, ensures that your joinery pieces reach their full potential. By entrusting the finishing touches to us, you gain the freedom to explore new dimensions of design and craftsmanship.

Together, we can bring your ideas to life, taking your bespoke joinery to a level that will leave your clients in awe. With Kaleidacoat as your partner, you're not just crafting joinery; you're crafting dreams.
Outsourcing spray painting for your bespoke joinery business to Kaleidacoat is a strategic move that can take your craftsmanship to the next level. We offer you a passion for precision, a wealth of expertise, cost savings, scalability, and the freedom to focus on your core expertise. With a consistent, quality finish and the fusion of artistry and innovation, we empower you to grow your business while staying true to your creative vision.

Elevate your craftsmanship with Kaleidacoat and let your bespoke joinery pieces shine like never before.

Contact us today to embark on a journey of artistry, innovation, and unlimited potential.