Another fantastic project completed for B&Q in Harlow Essex

Founded in 1969 with over 300 stores in the UK... we have refurbished the whole building, bringing their colours and branding back to life for many years to come!

Horton Skoda
Horton Skoda Car Dealership

Total spraying refurbishment of car showroom, workshop, offices in Lincoln.

On-site paint spraying specialists

Enhancing and reviving businesses premises and homes, right across the UK. 01522 247047

Windows Lincoln
Innovative paint spraying services for residential properties

Homeowners looking to refresh and revitalise any tired-looking PVC, uPVC, or aluminium - all for a fraction of the cost of replacing frames and structures.

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Kaleidacoat - is the leading on-site paint spraying specialists.

Kaleidacoat is one of the UK’s leading on-site paint spraying specialists. Using state-of-the-art spraying equipment and the finest, most durable materials, we provide our Commercial and Residential customers a professional, high-quality and cost-effective paint spraying services to enhance your business or home.

Spray Painting uPVC Windows And Doors

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Using a high pressured pump, airless spraying delivers an even and uniform finish, ensuring maximum penetration into those awkward small crevices and hard to reach areas. Airless spraying is suitable for all types of commercial and residential buildings and this method delivers a long lasting finish that helps to minimise the requirement for future respraying.


Electrostatic spraying provides an efficient paint coating method with excellent adhesion and produces a superb uniform finish for a wide variety of applications for both commercial and residential projects. Electrostatic spraying is clean and efficient, with virtually no over-spray. Electrostatic spraying also helps to reduce air pollution and because the method is more efficient, it reduces labour and material costs.

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)

Spray painting services using the HVLP method is also suitable for commercial and residential projects, the result is a higher proportion of paint reaching the target surface with reduced over-spray, use of materials and air pollution. HVLP spray systems are most often used in the automotive, marine and architectural sectors, furniture finishing, scenic painting and cosmetic industries.

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Unlocking Excellence in Joinery

Unlocking Excellence in Joinery

Unlocking Excellence in Joinery: The Benefits of Early Engagement with Paint Spraying Experts - Hi, I'm Adrian Johnson from Kaleidacoat In-haus. In this blog I'm going to highlight the benefits of early engagement with paint spraying experts.
Elevate Your Craft

Elevate Your Craft

Elevate Your Craft - In the world of spray painting, whether it's for automotive refinishing, industrial applications, or the delicate art of bespoke joinery, the environment plays a pivotal role in the quality of the finish.

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Residential & Commercial Paint Sprayers

We use a range of spraying techniques, assessed on a job-by-job basis, to ensure whatever finish you require, in whatever colour you desire, you can be assured of excellence every time.